Chicago artist LeCiel was born in Saint Louis, MO in 1984. Her music blends gospel, world, hip-hop and electronic influences to create hypnotic messages that are more about harnessing the healing power of sound itself than adhering to any genre.



LeCiel is an American, international artist, dancer, singer-songwriter, MC, producer, film composer and performer of tribal/melodic techno/house and soul/hip hop music. The self taught artist and producer originally hails from St. Louis. Her earlier musical influences and environment was surrounded by gospel, r&b/soul, southern & west coast hip hop, rock & roll and her uncle's house parties. In 2009  she relocated to Chicago. There she would spend the next eight years honing her craft and shaping her musical sound. Often frequenting well known electronic dance clubs bringing that energy off the stage onto the dance floor as a dancer before relocating to Los Angeles, Ca. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany where she is apart of the creative collective "The Rooms of Kairos." A collective of creative professionals of music and sound, art, visionaries, videographers and philosophers. Her sound combines a multitude of genre's and voices all interwoven over electronic, soulful beats.

 Her latest EP  "The Art Of Practice is out now under Paloma's Label. She is set to release "Jehoshaphat"​ fall of 2022.