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"A beautiful trippy downtempo electronica, courtesy of Jay Carder and her brilliant first 2022 Soho Radio show, which I happened to be a guest on.I was just catching up with the full episode and her selection and I remember I fell in love with the track which followed up Elijah Nang's "B E B O P". The slow-groove burner is crafted by LeCiel - a dancer, singer/songwriter and producer who is currently based in Berlin. Inspired by funk, soul, gospel and southern/west coast hip hop, LeCiel is one of the most versatile artists I've heard in a while.

"Paradise" is the closing composition to her 2021 release The Art of Practice and is nothing short than mind-blowing. A journey through genres!"- Stereo Fox


"After the American-born and Berlin-based artist made her Paloma debut on the compilation "Paloma vs. Virus 005", now follows her first own EP on the label of the club of the same name from the heart of Kreuzberg. Her early influences from Gospel, Soul, House, RnB and Hip-Hop she processes here in her tracks, which present themselves very housy. While "All The Way" is very spherical, elegant and
- and garnished with vocal fragments - glides across the dancefloor, "Full Circle" opens
opens as a spoken word trip
driven by minimal tech beats. "Heal Through Time" clicks and wanders more experimentally, LeCiel's voice taking up even more space and unfolding here, while "Know This Baby" emerges as a 13-minute-plus trip that leisurely-loops and frizzes around in the cosmos. And finally "Paradise", which turns to the West Coast with its fresh and funky hip-hop beats."-FAZE MAGAZINE

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